Are you a Surveyor?

Horizon will reduce the time that you spend researching and reporting

More Objective

Predictive Forecasting

Utilise our powerful predictive engine to give a preview of the expected trend for home values over the next three years back ed by advanced machine learning.

Accurate Selection of Comparisons

Advanced comparison filters find the best matches for a property. We show you both recorded sales and current listings. Selectively remove properties from the list.

More Consistent

Reduce Human Error By directly integrating with data services, including MLS, public records, permitting databases, plat maps and flood maps, you eliminate the need for rekeying of data thus eliminating formatting errors.

Powerful Analytics

Advanced analytics of value drivers in the local area. Structured data capture allows for greater insight into subjective calculations. Our comparables, property markers, bubble charts and average values support adjustments allowing buyers to make better, more data-driven estimates for value adjustments.

Data at Your Fingertips

Confidence level, Capital value range, and community statistics on crime, education, commute, and more. All in one report

More Efficient

Surveyors can use our app on any device on site or in the office. All data is stored in the cloud, free and confidential.
At least twice as fast as current best alternative - focuses your time on exercising judgment vs. keying data. Easily add photos from any device.

Get More Done, Faster