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How important are data sets

One of the intriguing facts about Houseprice.AI is the fact that our data sets are very vast and that means that we are able to accurately estimate the appraisal value of a property by virtue of these data sets and that means that for the 22.5 million properties in the UK we can arrive at a valuation in 10 seconds provided that we put the correct data in, most of which we actually have.

Who can makes use this data

The market place that we’re serving is everybody from home buyers though to, essentially, all the intermediaries involved in that process and all the professionals involved with the industry and sector. Bearing in mind that we have a residential market of 6.2 trillion pounds, in the order of 3 times the GDP of the country. It’s a very substantial market that we are looking to apply our technology to, and there are a myriad number of applications that come from being able to value property on an objective set of criteria which are universally applied across the geographies that we are involved in. Which in this case is England and Wales.

Why did you start Houseprice.AI

The reason that we started Houseprice.AI was in order to meet the need for objective information in the residential market. We saw that actually with the application of Machine Learning and the use of supervised learning sets as part of Artificial Intelligence that we would be able to provide consumers with a far better set of objective criteria in terms of valuing their property.

Eldred Buck is CEO and Co-Founder of Houseprice.AI Ltd and a Non Executive Director at Sequant Capital. He has over 25 years experience in capital markets and banking, specialising in quantitative models and derivatives trading across all major asset classes. Previously he founded Eiger Trading Advisors, a leading fintech company.
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