Future Proptech 2018 DiscoTech Challenge Update

Last Wednesday we took part in the Innovation Challenge organised by DiscoTech.
Our challenger was the Ministry Of Housing, Communities & Local Government.

The challenge was a complex one, as it addressed the housing crisis, a problem that has been around for many years, and housing availability is a very complicated problem to address.

As the Future Proptech Innovation Challenge states: "While a large part of the issue is the need to improve the speed, raise the quality and achieve tenure diversity of new home delivery, solving the housing crisis requires more than just new homes." So how can digital tools help with this process?

The MHCLG set three challenge. planning of homes, delivery of homes and sales of homes. Putting our heads together we realised that AI can help with all three challenges, and Mat Colmer, who heads up Disco Tech, was keen for us to address all three, and see what we could do.

Eldred, Philip and I represented Houseprice.AI on the day, and we chose to address the points in bold on the above slide, as we only had a scant seven minute slot for Eldred and Philip to do the final presentation.

Disco Tech Innovators

There were 6 other innovators in the Disco Tech challenges: Disruptive Tech, BrikBit, LIQUID, Pixie Labs, Skyscape and DIRTT. The gallery at the business Design centre was buzzing with activity. Some of the innovators even deciding to merge there ideas to form groups that could better address their chosen challenge.

Can you spot who is meant to be whom?

As we enthusiastically brainstormed, David Vignolli recorded the day in some fabulous visual scribes. Jo Tasker and Julie Brim kept everything flowing,and did a great job looking after us all, keeping us focused, fed and social media a flutter.

Houseprice.AI hard at work!

The time flew past, with Eldred and Philip also fitting in some networking and plenty of the conference attendees wanting to know about both Horizon and our proprietary API. I even got to catch up with a couple of my favourite Proptech contacts, Antony Slumbers and Will Darbyshire.

Presentation time

4.30pm and we headed to the main stage for our presentations. Eldred and Philip decided to do ours as a 2 hander, and it was very effective. Seven precious minutes was not nearly enough time on such a big subject, but they managed to get the key points over really well. I felt rather proud as our team Houseprice.AI eloquent orators showed a taste of what we can do with Machine Learning and AI.

Houseprice.AI on the big screen
Go team Houseprice,AI!

Vivienne Brooks is the CCO of Houseprice.AI She has a long history as a Technical Software Support Guru, is a graphic artist and also has a strong background in Marketing.

If you would like to know more information about Houseprice.AI , Horizon, or access to our API please feel free to contact us at info@houseprice.ai.

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