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Why Houseprice.AI created Insight

We created Houseprice Insight, which is part of our offering, and is essentially a way to allow our users to provide their customers with much more granularity, data analysis and insight on a specific area.

How does Insight help the user?

We created the ability for someone to show that they effectively know their area. For example, what’s going to happen if a new Waitrose down the street opens up, what’s going to happen if the school kids are doing better at school, what’s going to happen if the NHS push more money to improve their service in the area. How that is going to affect the value of the area has to affect the value of a property. And how you can actually extrapolate this to have a meaningful forecast.

The significance of using AI and Machine Learning

I think that the problem that we now have is because we value things based on the past, and what we want to do, is we want to try to extrapolate with the ability to do a meaningful prediction in the future. Which is not just drawing a straight line between points and know that is the future value.

What Insight can demonstrate

We want to understand why and what impact each single amenity has. The little park that they are planning to build and how that is going to affect the area, as a community project. Where is going to be the best place to open a park. Where is it going to affect the value of an area. How is it is going to affect the value of an area.

We are helping to create sustainable projects, that also have the minimum impact on peoples life, and also on their most important asset. Their house.

Giovanni Miano is Co-founder and CTO of Houseprice AI. Gio has been involved with HFT projects across the globe and is experienced in designing and implementing highly complex IT solutions. Previously he has served as technical consultant for several global firms such as BP, Trafigura, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs.
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