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Everything we do, we believe, challenges the status quo. We believe in thinking differently. Transparency, clarity and consistency are the cornerstones of our philosophy that drive the Houseprice.AI approach.

Our new report is designed to provide property professionals across the residential property spectrum with an innovative and accessible set of benchmarks and reporting templates.
Houseprice.AI’s proprietary reports and benchmarks provide fast and objective comparative analyses between residential projects, from single family homes through to large scale developments. This approach improves estimates of current and future sales prices, Gross Development Value (GDV) estimates as well as identifying risk with far greater precision.
The Houseprice.AI risk/reward index and Classification table further enhances residential real estate data knowledge and improve decision making and profitability.
Click here to see the example report. This is the kind of report you can create using our api. We can also produce this report, on as many areas as you wish, as part of the subscription to our app.

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Please contact us if you have questions about Houseprice.AI , our AI data analytics app, want access to our API, or would like to schedule a demo.


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