New features

This week we have introduced some great new features to our value report.


Our comparable listings now has links to the vendor agent for both current sales listings and current lettings listings. Also new this month are pictures of each property to help you evaluate the external condition and period of the property. Add, remove, filter, and sort homes you feel are most comparable.
You can view comparables by recorded sales, buy listings or rental listings.

PDF Report

At Houseprice.AI we listen. Our PDF report has been completely revamped, by request of a number of our clients, to reflect the layout of our interactive value report. Designed to be viewed landscape across all devices, you can download, email or print out your valuation, comparables and demographics.

Transparency Clarity Consistency
Vivienne Brooks is the CCO of Houseprice.AI She has a long history as a Technical Software Support Guru, is a graphic artist and also has a strong background in Marketing.
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Please contact us if you have questions about Houseprice.AI , Horizon, access to our API, or would like to schedule a demo.


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