Horizon - add instant floorplans with Magicplan

At Houseprice.AI we are always looking for ways to make our reactive valuation report as cutting edge as possible.

Can you imagine visiting a prospective client at their property, demonstrating the accuracy of an AI based valuation, taking location shots and also being able to create the floorplans, all from your mobile device and on site? Now you can. We are delighted to announce that we have just released the latest refresh of our app featuring Magicplan integration.

The award winning Magicplan app lets you create professional floor plans simply by taking pictures. Our app, Horizon has always made it easy to upload floorplans, but having them drawn up takes time. By integrating Magicplan, in just a few minutes you can provide your vendor with a complete reactive valuation report ready to email, post to your chosen website or share with social media.

A complete report, from AI valuation to floor plan, ready just like magic.

Vivienne Brooks is the CCO of Houseprice.AI She has a long history as a Technical Software Support Guru, is a graphic artist and also has a strong background in Marketing.
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