Property sourcing

Would you like to simplify your research?

Our app, Horizon, helps Property Sourcers to find the best properties, and produce information packed elegant reports for your clients and prospects.

At Houseprice.AI the team have produced this short video to give you an overview of how Horizon works for you.

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Horizon - Insight

With Insight you can easily identify property hotspots

  • Drill down into any postcode in England and Wales
  • Find the areas that will give maximum yield
  • Check listing and historical comparables
  • Check prices for sales and rental
  • View listings from multiple sites and exports as csv
  • Value a listed property to find out if it is the fair price.

Horizon - Reactive value reports

Produce elegant, information packed, property reports with your own logo

  • White labelled
  • RICS compliant comparables
  • 3 year forecast
  • Upload photos, plans and add description
  • Estimated Rental Value (mth) / Gross Yield
  • Sales and rental values
  • EPC Data
  • Distance to amenities
  • Location
  • Editable values
  • Email, print, share on social media

  • Horizon - Projects

    The projects module has a host of features to help you promote a property to your clients

    Add one property or an entire portfolio
    Revalue at any time
    Copy a property and value it before and after conversion
    add features
    Change the configuration
    add improvement values
    create new reports for conversions
    Group projects by any category
    export to csv
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