Houseprice AI is selected by PWC

Houseprice.AI has been chosen as the sole UK company to take part in the PWC Collider Accelerator program. Houseprice,AI was selected to be one of the 12 successful candidates from a highly competitive field of nearly 300 global applicants.

PWC aims to take the most innovative companies using Artificial Intelligence, Big Data analytics and Machine learning, and honing their business models for the international marketplace.

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Houseprice.AI COO Rob Marsden who championed the submission said:

"the PWC qualification process was extremely rigorous and forced us to ask searching technical and commercial questions of ourselves, many for the first time. It is a great accolade for the team to know that our answers chimed with such a major international advisor as PWC."

Founder and CEO Eldred Buck added

"We are delighted to be selected from an intensely competitive field to work with PWC in Europeā€¯.

If you would like to know more information about Houseprice.AI , Horizon, or access to our API please feel free to contact us at

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