Can your AVM value a New Build?

Using Machine Learning Houseprice.AI can

Unlike 95% of traditional AVMs, our estimates and predictive values are not solely based on linear regression and extrapolation of historic sales prices.

Our Machine learning process uses hedonic drivers which means that you can even vary these drivers to predict the effect of these factors on current and future value on residential property; a new build or a complete development with no sales history, or even one that has not even yet been built!

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The methodology that we use is based on hedonic factors. This is a revealed-preference method which determines the relative importance of the variables which affect the value. We have over 50 different drivers of these variables drawn from the most comprehensive and proprietary datasets in the industry. We take into account Idiosyncratic, Geospatial and Macroeconomic variables to create one of the most accurate automated valuation models available on the market.

If you want to be at the cutting edge of residential valuation, getting fast, accurate values, we can save you time and money, with transparency, clarity and consistency.

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