How it Works

Accurate Valuations For 25 million properties in England and Wales

At Houseprice.AI, our constantly improving machine learning models generate the most accurate property valuations available. Our current Root Mean Square Error (RMSE) is an industry leading 2.6%, meaning our middle most projected price is just 2.6% from the actual sales price — and half of our projections are even better.

Houseprice.AI and Proptech

Houseprice.AI is the result of using Big Data and Machine Learning. Our Machine Valuation Model (MVM) based approach to property pricing sets us as a leader amongst the Automated Valuation Models (AVM) market.

Using ML, our property valuations are used across the professional spectrum from Estate Agents, to Crowdfunding Platforms. Our property valuations are being used in everything from providing internal benchmarking and asset and portfolio management through to lead generation and conversion, and sales and marketing.